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From mini trampolines to huge 15 feet+, there’s a size perfect for indoors, outdoors, and even ones made to float on the water. They are designed to be most inviting, accommodating healthy fun seekers for years. Mini trampolines are usually designed for a single jumper, usually a young child, and can be placed in their bedroom. The bigger ones will easily accommodate a small posse of children or even grown men!

You want to check reviews of past users but consider the following when making your decision to buy a trampoline. Generally, your new trampoline should be very easy to setup, safe, and durable enough for your needs.

Outdoor trampolines are designed to bare the elements. However, not all models and manufacturers of trampolines deliver on your expectations. If you live in environments that are extremely humid, you will want to remove safety enclosures and possibly want to invest in a cover to protect and keep your trampoline clean and pristine when not in use. Also be wary of cheap trampolines you may find at the local store or flea market. They may be great deals, but take some jumps on them and see if you like the response. Take note of the padding and how its designed. Check out the frame too.

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