are trampoline safe

Are Modern Trampolines Safe?

-With Key Safety Elements When we trampoline with our kids, we want them to be safe first and foremost. You’d think that trampolines and safety don’t go hand in hand with each other, but you’d be wrong. It certainly held true back in the heyday, when safety standards were lax and trampolines looked like deathtraps. It’s not like that today, fortunately.  Safety and Age  We enjoy our kids having fun, but don’t want it to come at a huge cost. Over time, we heard many parents say their kids loved […]

Trampoline shapes

Trampoline Shapes

Trampolines are a diverse bunch. You can get them in sizes as small as a coffee table or as huge as an average apartment– yet they all have their uses. As a buyer, especially if it’s your first time picking out trampolines, it can be very difficult to choose what you need.


Why Get Trampoline Anchors?

Trampoline anchors are a very handy piece of equipment that can secure your trampoline from many dangers. Read on to find out what it’s all about!  Nature can sometimes be cruel and unpredictable. Strong winds, storms and heavy rain can wreak havoc within minutes. And if you leave your trampoline outside all the time – which we all do – you run a real risk of getting your trampoline literally blown away into your neighbor’s yard. That wouldn’t be a problem if the trampoline were usable… but they get all […]

trampoline safety

Trampoline Safety Concerns & Precaution Checklist

If you make some precautions most of this accidents can be prevented. So inspect your trampoline regularly and have a safe fun! We’ve divided it into two groups, before using the trampoline and while you’re jumping your fun out! Before using a trampoline: Read user manual – stick to safety guidelines. Make sure hooks, springs and trampoline’s frame are properly padded Always use a net enclosure, especially with small children, and make sure there are no holes. Remove all objects from your pockets and the jumping area Make sure the […]

trampolines as christmas gift

Trampolines as Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and it brings many joys for children and adults alike. But Christmas time is often the cause of great many headaches, especially when picking out gifts to buy for your loved ones.   Giving gifts is an art, to put it simply. But it doesn’t mean you’re left to your own devices when choosing what to buy. It’s prudent to buy what you think the other person needs or would appreciate. Gifts that could make their life better, more entertaining and easier are a great […]

trampoline socks

Are Trampoline Socks a Necessity?

 Trampoline socks are much like regular socks, but with a twist. They have a coating of anti-slip rubber placed on the bottom. These are also called ‘grip socks’. More Grip  Basically, any kind of grip socks can be used on trampolines. They are popular with kids for everyday use, and can be purchased in most clothes stores.  However, adults have it different. Anti-slip socks usually aren’t available in their sizes, and must be ordered online or from dedicated sellers.  That’s probably why we often get asked if these socks are […]


Why Dads Should Love Trampolines

It’s easy to overlook the benefits of trampolines if you’re a dad, and you’d be forgiven for that. After all, loads of trampolines are marketed towards women for weight loss and fat burning, two things you don’t pay much heed to.   But trampolines are still useful for a variety of things. Some are typically male. Some aren’t. They will help you bond with your family while still leaving you with enough free time. Plus, they’re LOTS of fun, even for men! Sunbathing Come summer, there’s hardly anything better than catching […]

trampoline games

Top 5 Trampoline Games

Trampolines are usually a lot of fun for everyone involved, but even the most fun activities, such as bouncing on a trampoline, become boring it there’s nothing to spice them up a bit. Luckily, trampolines lend themselves well to various fun and healthy activities that can entertain your children for hours on end. Most of these activities help your children develop healthy muscles and bones, keep their body weight in check and aid in coordination. Heck, why not try them out yourself? Over time you’ll be able to think of […]

trampoline parties

Trampolines and Parties

Okay, so you’ve decided to throw a party. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you think your work here is done, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your work has just begun! Depending on the type of the party you’re organizing, you’ll have to turn into an event planner for a day. It can truly be an exhausting experience. Why are we mentioning this when all we want to talk about are trampolines? Well, we’re here to give you some pointers on how you can turn your backyard trampoline […]

Rectangular Vs Round Trampolines – What`s the Difference?

The market is saturated with all kinds of trampolines. Small or big, round, oval or rectangular – they’re available in all shapes, sizes and at all price points. It’s different to make heads or tails of this complex situation, especially if you’re not well-versed when it comes to trampolines. No worries, most of the buyers aren’t. After all, one doesn’t buy a trampoline all that often and so most buyers are first-time buyers. Trampolines can be a considerable investment and may make a serious dent in your budget. That’s why […]