Are Modern Trampolines Safe?

-With Key Safety Elements

When we trampoline with our kids, we want them to be safe first and foremost. You’d think that trampolines and safety don’t go hand in hand with each other, but you’d be wrong. It certainly held true back in the heyday, when safety standards were lax and trampolines looked like deathtraps. It’s not like that today, fortunately. 

Safety and Age 

We enjoy our kids having fun, but don’t want it to come at a huge cost. Over time, we heard many parents say their kids loved trampolines so much and were begging them to buy one that they simply had to cave in. 

That’s fine, but doing some research beforehand is in order. Not all trampolines are equally safe, and truth be told, trampolines are riskier than some other forms of entertainment. The risk isn’t huge, but it’s there and you should always keep an eye on your kids while they’re bouncing away. 

kid on trampoline

Younger children should never jump unsupervised or use larger trampolines. Luckily, special kids trampolines exist tailor-made for them that keep them safe. The bounce isn’t high and they’re all covered in foam. 

Older children (usually 6 and up) can use backyard trampolines, but only one at a time. Never let more than one kid jump at the same time. That’s how most accidents occur! 

One more thing we can recommend is to check reviews of kids trampolines, prior to buying one. You can do it on our children trampolines product page or on professional trampoline review sites.

Key Safety Elements 

A safe trampoline that kids can use must include several elements that increase overall safety. These are: 

  • Enclosure 
trampoline enclosure
Trampoline Enclosure

A good enclosure is a must. It consists of sturdy, padded poles that hold taut, strong netting that goes around the entire trampoline mat. The enclosure should be high enough so that people aren’t able to jump over it, and strong enough to keep the bouncer inside even if they mistime and misjudge a jump. We prefer enclosures where the netting is sewn directly onto the mat, keeping the entire spring area outside of the enclosed bouncing surface. 

You should never purchase a trampoline without enclosure. Even though an overwhelming majority of trampolines on the market come with an enclosure, there still are some that go without. Avoid them unless you’re a pro.  

  • Safety pads 
trampoline pads
Trampoline Pads

It’s important to have fairly thick safety pads (at least about an inch) that cover the springs. They cushion the force of impact and prevent limbs from getting tangled with springs. Springs can carry huge loads and forces and a person’s finger or a toe gets stuck, it’s never a pretty sight. 

Luckily, it’s rare owing to safety pads that keep the danger away. Hitting them is never pleasant, but they absorb the impact force and reduce the likelihood of injury. 

  • Accessories 
Trampoline cover and ladder

Various accessories can help ensure safety of your trampoline. For example, ladders are great to help children safely get on and off the trampoline. Since trampolines can be a few feet off the ground, without adult help it can be difficult for children to safely climb onto it.  

Trampoline covers also help ensure safety by prolonging the service life of your trampoline by preventing rust and damage from the rain or cold. Then you can also get trampoline stakes that help stabilize the trampoline even in high winds, thus preventing structural damage (twisting and bending of metal elements). 

  • Mats 
Trampoline Mat

Mats must be made of good materials if you want them to last. That’s why we prefer Permatron mats with several layers of stitching. The more layers of stitching a mat has, the sturdier it will be and the longer it will last. With bad quality mats, they could literally rip and you could almost fall through the mat. A good mat will also take care of the ‘fun’ aspect by being very responsive to jump on. 


We firmly believe trampolines have their place as healthy and safe options for children. They keep them active and fun, and whatever risk there is, it’s most certainly outweighed by the benefits that physical exercise brings for them. With obesity and similar diseases being as rampant as they are, cultivating good habits that promote physical exercise is crucial from the early age.  

What’s more, getting a trampoline can be really simple. If you are not certain which trampoline would be safe but good, we recommend that you visit protrampolines review center and find a safe trampoline that you’ll like in a matter of minutes!