Top 5 Trampoline Games

Trampolines are usually a lot of fun for everyone involved, but even the most fun activities, such as bouncing on a trampoline, become boring it there’s nothing to spice them up a bit.

Luckily, trampolines lend themselves well to various fun and healthy activities that can entertain your children for hours on end. Most of these activities help your children develop healthy muscles and bones, keep their body weight in check and aid in coordination. Heck, why not try them out yourself?

Over time you’ll be able to think of your own games, or even invest in premium trampolines that come with pre-made gaming systems. For example, Vuly offers their VulyHexVex game on a selection of their trampolines, such as Vuly Lite and Vuly2, while Springfree comes loaded with accessories like a basketball hoop and tgoma, your very own trampoline video-game system!

We feel obligated to say that you should stay safe whenever you bounce on a trampoline. We’ve tried to make our game suggestions as safe and possible.

If anything, you should always ensure only that one person bounces on a trampoline at the same time; otherwise, you risk injury for everyone involved unless the trampoline is large and everyone is really careful!

Balls of Ice

This one’s fairly simple and the balls don’t really have to be cold ;)! Get someone on the trampoline and place about five to a dozen balls on the trampoline, depending on how difficult you want the game to be. The balls should be smallish, a couple of inches in diameter. The person on the trampoline then tries to bounce an agreed-upon number of times without touching any of the balls.

Sounds easy? Well, the balls bounce rather unpredictably along with you, so it becomes a challenge the more you bounce. If a ball hits you, then you’re “frozen”, and someone else must quickly hop on and unfreeze you. Careful – if a ball touches them, they get frozen too!


The rules of this game are just like those of regular dodgeball. First, get someone on the trampoline. Then, find a few (soft!) balls – soccer-sized work best – and try to hit the person on the trampoline. They’ll do their best to avoid you by bouncing!

To make things easier for the person on the trampoline, you can add a height limit for the thrown balls. It’s much easier to hit someone while they’re mid-air!

If you’ve got several trampolines, you can make it even more fun. Separate into two teams. Get on the trampolines and try to hit the other team members with the ball. A person who gets hit is out (and has to go pick up the balls for smoother gameplay).

Simon Says

This game is especially good for children who are learning to memorize things. It also improves their coordination, while being simple to learn.

A person on the outside shouts out instructions to the person on the trampoline. They can be various – for example “jump to the right” or “jump on one leg” – and the person on the trampoline must to these instructions. Here’s a catch – every time you shout out a new instruction, the poor soul on the trampoline must repeat all of the previous ones… in the correct order!

The adults will love this as you can relax It’s bound to have them sweating after only a couple of minutes, depending on how evil you were with the instructions ;)!

The Dead Man

In spite of its name, there is nothing too spooky about this game (unless you play it in the dark). It takes several kids to play this.

Choose one person to be “it”. He or she then sits or kneels, blindfolded, in the middle of the trampoline. The other players than walk or softly bounce around them chanting a song (a numbers will do fine).

Once the chanting is over, the dead man must find and tag someone on the trampoline. The others try and get away from them! Remember – the dead man is blindfolded so keeping shush is to your advantage!

For extra difficulty, you can have the dead man correctly recognize the person whom they’ve tagged.

Bouncing above the dead man is forbidden. It’s dangerous and disruptive!

Bouncing Buddha

Similar to the previous game, choose a person who will sit in the middle of the trampoline. They must sit with their legs and arms crossed – just like Buddha. The others then bounce around them and try to make them fall over.

The person sitting in the middle isn’t allowed to uncross their legs or arms, as this allows them to easily maintain their balance. When they are sitting like Buddha, it becomes much more difficult for them to do so.

There are plenty of trampoline games that are easy and fun to play. In this article, we’ve listed some games that can be played by anyone with a trampoline. These games don’t require any extra equipment and have simple rules. Try them out and bounce away!