Are Trampoline Socks a Necessity?

 Trampoline socks are much like regular socks, but with a twist. They have a coating of anti-slip rubber placed on the bottom. These are also called ‘grip socks’.

More Grip 

Basically, any kind of grip socks can be used on trampolines. They are popular with kids for everyday use, and can be purchased in most clothes stores. 

However, adults have it different. Anti-slip socks usually aren’t available in their sizes, and must be ordered online or from dedicated sellers. 

That’s probably why we often get asked if these socks are really necessary. Well, as with plenty of things in life, it depends. 

Kids vs Adults 

Adults can often get by without using these anti-slip socks. The more experienced you are, the less likely you are to need them. In fact, they could adversely affect your performance. 

Children, on the other hand, should wear them at all times when on a trampoline. They can truly be a lifesaver. Kids don’t have a motor system as developed as adults, and they need as much help as they can get. They are also often unaware of the risks and are prone to misjudging jumps. That’s why these socks can help – they mitigate the potential damage that can occur. 

Even if you don’t have trampoline socks, wearing a pair of regular socks is not a bad idea. They will provide some safety against getting your toes stuck in between the springs. Make sure not to wear nylon socks, as they will slip like crazy. 

Trampoline Shoes 

Trampoline shoes are also an option. They look and function similarly to ballet shoes, in that they are very thin and lightweight. 

You won’t get much more cushioning either way, but the grip improvement is noticeable and it can get you out of tricky situations. Trampolines are fun, but not when you misjudge a jump from 20 feet up. Then you need all the help you can get. 

Regular Footwear 

Whatever you opt for, never jump in your flip-flops or trainers. Not only can you damage the trampoline, you can seriously hurt yourself.  

This type of footwear reduces the level of feedback from your trampoline. It’s very easy to underestimate the jumping force when bouncing in shoes that soak up all the forces. The result? You’ll jump high – unknowingly – and then have a hard time keeping balance while landing. Don’t do it!  

If you don’t have socks, the next best thing is to jump barefoot. Your body will take care of the rest. 

The Verdict? 

Even the trampoline parks are not uniform on this issue. Still, most of them require trampoline socks to be worn at all times. Others suggest it but don’t care much, but the are in the minority.  

Our take on this issue is: If you have ‘em, wear ‘em. If you’re experienced, then you can go without. But always make sure your kid dons a pair. They are a great safety measure and it’s not a huge hassle. You’ll be hard pressed to find a pair costing more than a few pounds.