Trampolines and Parties

Okay, so you’ve decided to throw a party. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you think your work here is done, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your work has just begun! Depending on the type of the party you’re organizing, you’ll have to turn into an event planner for a day. It can truly be an exhausting experience.

Why are we mentioning this when all we want to talk about are trampolines? Well, we’re here to give you some pointers on how you can turn your backyard trampoline into a party hit that is bound to drop a few jaws!

Of course, a little calibration is in order. If you’re planning a dinner party, then a trampoline is likely no good (unless you’re in the company of especially rowdy people and / or trampoline gymnasts). However, in the right circumstances, trampolines are a blast.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Kids love trampolines and they enjoy countless hours of fun bouncing on them. Kids also love birthdays and birthday parties. Why not combine the two? So a trampoline in your backyard becomes a fun-packed afternoon of adventure for all of your kid’s friends who don’t have one.

Next time, instead of loading the kids up with sugary sweets and let them star in front of a screen, get them outside and let them play. It will be an unforgettable birthday party! There are lots of trampoline games kids can play on the trampoline, and most of them are very safe. We’ve written extensively on this topic as well , but if you want more, there is ultimate list of trampoline games available online.

It is prudent to advise the parents that you’re planning a party involving trampolines. This will let you avoid the unpleasant situations that may arise. Some parents are squeamish about trampolines and won’t let their child play on what they perceive as a very dangerous piece of equipment, especially under the watch of somebody else.

To that end, we advise you to point out the fact that you plan on using trampolines during the party. There are plenty of eye-catching trampoline party invitation templates available online.

The problem of worried parents is rather easy to solve: why don’t invite those parents for a cup of coffee to chat and make sure everything’s all right? Who knows, you just might make some new friends, just like your kid.

But trampolines are not only for your kids. If you’ve bought a sufficiently large trampoline, say 14 ft, from a respectable brand like Vuly, Springfree or Acon (among many others), we’ve got good news. Adults can have fun on a trampoline, too. Trampolines are a great way to unwind, especially after a hard day at work. Why not make it a group activity?

We’re not advocating some sort of a debauchery, but a drink or two followed by a swath of fun trampoline games… what’s not to like about such an evening? Even better – imagine a carefree summer holiday – there’s nary a better way than to spend the evening having fun and exercise at the same time.

You, being a responsible adult, might scoff at the idea of bouncing around on a trampoline with a group of equally adult friends. And you’d be wrong. There are plenty of fun games to play, and while they certainly are less serious than, say, chess, there’s nothing that says you can’t play dodgeball on a trampoline and have loads of fun. For the more intellectual of the bunch, Simon Says is also a good choice.


Various trampoline parks offer you the option of arranging a party of your choice at their venue. They know what they’re doing, but it can set you a pretty penny! We prefer the option of getting your own trampoline that you can use whenever you like, and not only for parties.

Overall, trampolines are a great addition to many parties. They can entertain whole groups of kids and adults at a time, and are extremely easy and intuitive to bounce on. Even first-time jumpers won’t have much of an issue, so reassure them if they’re scared. The risks of injury are low, but if alcohol is involved, they could markedly increase (we’re talking about adults here).

Still, trampoline parties are a way to go. Compared to parties where everyone gorges on food and drink and goes home full of empty calories, trampolines do your body good and are a great way to get your body in shape.

If you don’t have a trampoline of your own yet, don’t fret. The huge database compiled by the folks at will make your purchase decision a snap!