Ancheer 50” Trampoline


A cryptic looking trampoline with an equally weird sounding name. Is it good for more than just good looks? We know the answer.

Weight limit: 220 lbs



Despite its odd name and iffy (read: barely existent) brand history, this Ancheer product is impressively well-built. It’s somewhat of a cross between a rebounder and a trampoline, being 50 inches wide. Its hexagonal structure is odd, but it looks fantastic with its black iron frame. Add some red details around the mat and you’ve got yourself a real conversation piece.

The trampoline is 10 inches high so don’t try to bounce too vigorously if you’re close to the weight limit. You could bottom out. The mat is anti-static with 8 rows of stitching, which is great for any outdoor trampoline, and even better for mini trampoline.

But it’s not just a trophy trampoline. You can actually exercise on this baby, as it comes with a sturdy and removable handrail. The handrail is padded and purportedly long-lasting. Its height is adjustable from 45 to 57 in. Quite impressive. Instead of springs, this trampoline uses elastic bands. They are quieter, but less bouncy; perfect for low-impact exercise. You get ample bands, 42 in total. They are replaceable, should any break.

The installation takes about half an hour, possibly more if you care to read the instructions – it’s possible you’ll be roaring with laughter for longer. Mention of a warranty is answered by the sound of crickets.

The weight limit of 220 lbs. is just enough for most people to slide under. The frame is able to withstand this much. We liked the addition of rubber feet to further absorb shocks and possibly allow its use in apartments (though we’d refrain still).

This is a curious little product that comes at a fantastic price. It’s worth a try, especially if you like zany products or would prefer slightly larger rebounders. The shape lends itself well to bouncing and it’s more comfortable to exercise on. Except for the instructions, this is a good piece.

Additional information






Spring count

42 springs

Spring type


Stability Bar included?


Weight limit

220 lbs (100kg)