MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder


The MaXimus Pro rebounder doesn’t pretend to be a top of the line mini trampoline, but it could easily be. There’s so much value inside, topped off with solid build quality, that make it one of the top best-buy rebounders around.


MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder
MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder
Our grade: Fantastic
Overall, the trampoline is fantastic for intermediate to advanced users who will certainly get the most out of this trampoline and the extras that come with it. It’s a solid package that will serve most users well. And, most importantly, it’s very affordable as well!
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Upon first sight, you’ll notice a very generous package: an exercise DVD, a carry bag, weights, a resistance bar, and exercise bands. It’s a fantastic deal considering the modest price.

Yeah, But Is Maximus Rebounder Quality-Made?

Generally, yes. We know all these goodies aren’t worth much if they will break soon, but with this one, it won’t be the case. The trampoline doesn’t look particularly stunning or luxurious, but its silver accents lift up the overall look.

The weight limit is a hearty 140 kilograms (300 lbs), which is somewhat more than competitor mini trampolines and rebounders and it should alleviate all your doubts to its durability and reliability. It’s amazingly safe and its six legs provide ample stability. The rubber stoppers on the bottoms of the legs work wonders for reducing vibrations and noise.

The stability bar cannot be adjusted. It is set at a fixed height of 3 feet from the pad. This height is comfortable for people under 6ft 5in, so unless you’re very tall, the bar will be fine to use.

How Does It Perform?

The manufacturer opted for a classic installation featuring ordinary metallic springs instead of cords or rubber bands. And it is a good choice in this case. A total of 36 springs (11cm/4.25″ in length) is more than adequate for a smallish, 40-in trampoline. The trampoline doesn’t bottom out in any use case, and its metallic coils make for a much more pleasant bounce than comparable elastic cords.

You will just have to make sure to oil them from time to time to prevent squeaking and other noises. But that’s all maintenance you’ll have to do, as the stitching is sturdy and there are no weak joints or connections.

How About Spare Parts?

The spare parts can easily be purchased from various online retailers, including from the manufacturer itself at a modest price. This will ensure longevity of the rebounder in case of small damage resulting from general wear and tear.

Your warranty claims are covered for a year if the frame is in question, half a year if the springs or the mat are damaged, and three months for other parts, including the extras. It’s not a mind-blowing warranty period, but you can’t complain too much when you consider the entire package.


The setup of MaXimus rebounder is a breeze owing to great instructions that we wound easy to understand, and so should you. There’s plenty of drawings and detailed explanations, plus you’re also left with a couple of extra parts, just in case. Fantastic!

The equipment is also straightforward to use and isn’t there just for show. The resistance bands vice your upper body an amazing workout while the weights can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

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Spring type


Spring count

36 springs

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Stability Bar included?


Weight limit

300 lbs (135kg)