Jumpsport 350 Mini Trampoline / Rebounder


Jumpsport is a well known name among the trampoline connoisseurs (the precious few of them). They generally make good trampolines that are excellent for any rebounding workouts. The model 350 is one of their top of the line models, and it isn’t cheap at all, so we simply had to investigate whether it’s worth shelling out your hard earned cash for.

Weight limit: 250 lbs.

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Jumpsport 350 Mini Trampoline / Rebounder
Jumpsport 350 Mini Trampoline / Rebounder
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There’s not much to say when it comes to the design of rebounders. They are all either black or greyish, very understated. This one is no different. It sports black legs and a mat, with a touch od silver steel elements. The legs are arched to improve stability. Overall, looks okay.


It’s very important that the trampoline does not wobble or move about when you’re bouncing on it. This requires sturdy materials and a well-made structure. The Model 350 meets these requirements. The frame is 39” wide in diameter, with 32.5” of usable bouncing surface (the rest is taken up by the springs).

The tubing is made of 16 gauge steel, with quality coating. The arched legs make it difficult to transport and store the trampoline, but it is very stable as a result.  The legs are, of course, removable and they’re easy to set up. The trampoline does not fold, but we figure it is safer this way. It’s hefty to transport, weighing 21 lbs. That’s not much for people to carry, but a lot compared to other rebounders.

Springs & Bounce

The Jumpsport 350 features an upgraded spring model compared to its budget counterparts in the Jumpsport rebounder line, the 250, 220 and 200. This mini trampoline does not use metallic coiled springs. Instead, it uses elastic cords that provide bounce. The proprietary cords that Jumpsports uses are called EnduroLast and come in a few flavors. The basic EnduroLast 2 are featured on cheaper models, while 350 sports the EnduroLast 3. The professional models come with EnduroLast 4 springs.

The main difference between these springs, besides better quality control, is the ability to adjust the tension of the springs to three levels. This will come in handy if people with different body weights will jump on the trampoline. It is also good for adjusting to various exercises that might work better with different tension settings.

There are 30 springs in total, each with 8 cm length. The bounce is smooth and cushioned, and you can adjust it yourself. More expensive models feature seven tension levels, but three is also okay. The trampoline is almost completely silent. You can use it anywhere, anytime… literally.

The rebounder has a 250 lbs. weight limit, enough for most people. The Permatron mat is sturdy and pleasant to touch.

Assembly & Warranty

The trampoline requires minimal assembly. All the tools are included, and you get it in the box preassembled. You can get it ready to go in less than 15 minutes, so kudos to Jumpsport for that. If you order extra accessories, such as the handle bar, it complicates installation a bit. The manual is clear and understandable, and in case you get stuck, there are instructional videos available online at their website.

The warranty is excellent overall. You get a lifetime warranty of the frame and legs, 5 years on the mat, 3 years on the elastic cords and a year on other parts. Their customer support is always ready to help and contacting them is never a hassle. More importantly, they will replace broken parts free of charge, such as snapped cords (it happens sometimes).

Final Words

We really liked this rebounder. It performs well under all stresses and exercise types. It’s nearly silent and It’s well made. It’s definitely going to last thanks to quality materials used and great bungee cords.

The only thing that is disappointing is its lack of any additional accessories. They are available – the handle bar, the extra exercise DVDs, the trampoline cover, the PyloFit Adapter – but they cost extra. At least the cover could have been included. You do get a complimentary exercise DVD with four programs. It’s basic, but it works. This is the only negative thing we have to say about the trampoline, which speaks volumes about its quality. Yes, it’s not the cheapest around, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

One of the best mini rebounders around!



  • Top-notch quality
  • Excellent bounce
  • Sturdy
  • Very quiet


  • expensive


Additional information






Spring count

30 springs

Spring length


Spring type


Stability Bar included?


Weight limit

250 lbs (115kg)


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