SportsTramp Extreme Trampoline

Weight limit: 450 lbs.

Shape: Octagonal

Size: 16ft


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SportsTramp Extreme 16ft. Octagon Trampoline with Detachable Cage

For those looking for a breath of fresh air (and that, in the world of trampolines, means you’re totally fed up with round trampolines), this model from Kidwise Outdoors might be interesting. This is an octagonal trampoline (with eight sides) and looks quite peculiar. These models are comparatively rare and usually cost a fortune.

This trampoline sort of follows suit. It’s much more expensive than the round trampolines, but not overly so. And what you get isn’t half bad. You get a good 14-gauge steel frame that resists the elements quite easily and the net is woven onto the mat. As we’ve stated before, we much prefer this kind of netting to the one that goes around the safety pad. This is much safer. The entry is zippered, although there are no extra safety clamps.

The “gymnastic quality bounce”, as the manufacturer says, isn’t quite that good, but the trampoline works very well. Thanks to a large number of tapered springs (112), you get a springy and responsive trampoline. The springs are also longer (8.5 in.) than usual.
It will take you a while to adopt to the shape and the feel of an octagonal trampoline, but some people prefer these to other shapes. The 450 lbs. weight limit also instills confidence. The assembly is easy enough and can be done within a few hours. No extra tools are needed, not even extra bolts. The warranty is excellent – 10 years on the steel parts and 5 on the enclosure and mat, with 30 days on other parts, but for the price, any less would be disappointing.

This is a good trampoline if you’re not concerned about value or price and want a large trampoline. Basically, you will overpay for an odd shape and that’s it. If this doesn’t bother you – be our guest. Otherwise, you might enjoy some of the round models and either save money or buy something round… but more upscale.