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Acon Air 16 Sports HD is the best you can get if you need outdoor rectangle trampoline. Due to its rectangular shape, the bounce feedback is a lot better than with regular round trampolines.

Be aware that your yard will become neighborhood’s play destination of choice due to this rectangle trampoline!

Weight limit: NO single user weight limit (800 lbs in total)

Size: 10×17 ft.
Amazon Price $1,944.12

Recommended for: age 6+

Note: Trampoline enclosure for ACON Sport trampoline is INCLUDED in package.


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ACON Air 16 Sports HD (17 x 10 ft. rectangular trampoline) is the cream of the crop when it comes to large rectangle trampolines. Designed in the cold and quirky Finland, this trampoline comes with all the safety features you’re used to, along with the uncommon, but sought-after shape.

Designed in Finland by a Finnish company ACON with ample experience in trampolines and other outdoor equipment, this trampoline ticks all the checkboxes – it’s not only fun, sturdy, and safe, but also made of highest quality materials. It is kind of trampoline where you will jump higher and happier than on any other trampoline we know of, and except “Vuly Thunder“ or “Springfree trampoline family”, which is not so good at some characteristics but do play significant role in terms of beauty & safety.

ACON is known as the manufacturer that ensures high build quality and consistency of their products. This one is not an exception. It has a premium, if a bit dull, look and feel. Its olive green or black pads and black mat won’t exactly turn heads, but they are a nice break from the usual blue that so many trampolines come “adorned” in.

ACON Rectangle Features

The frame is quite impressive, with poles over two inch in diameter. Everything is galvanized and there is no risk of rust. You also get foam covers for some of the poles, making the whole set-up safer.
The strong, UV-resistant polyester netting keeps you safe and it’s nearly impossible to tear. Safety net is weaved directly to the jumping mat, which means that there is no gap to pinch or catch little hands and feet.

We’ve grown to adore the cross-sewn polypropylene mat which is simply perfect for bouncing. There is a total of 120 sq. ft. of jumping surface for you to unwind. Believe us when we say that’s an enormous area.

The trampoline boasts an impressive number of springs – 140 pieces of heavy gauge 10″ springs! Springs are connected outside the enclosure net, which is another safety feature which I’m sure other parents will find reassuring.

The “ACON Air 16” is not really the lightest of the bunch, weighing over 500 lbs. when assembled. This means you could use a helping hand when assembling this bad boy. It’s not too difficult, but can be time-consuming due to their sheer size.

Acon didn’t skimp on the warranty.
It comes with: 10 years for the frame. 5 years for the jumping mat. 2 years for other mat components. 2 years for the safety pad. 5 years for the springs. 1 year for the enclosure.  The mat and the safety pads are usually the first to fail, so 5 years on the mat is very pleasant.

If it will need maintenance there is no need to worry as availability of replacement parts, from pads, mat or net, or even additional accessories as basketball hoop are easily ordered online. Your friends who have maybe gone cheap will definitely need to replace parts more often than you will, even if you leave it outside during winter, which is acceptable according to manufacturer, but we would strongly advise to dismantle it and store it on someplace dry.

Overall, if you’re looking for a premium rectangular trampoline (there aren’t many) and you’ve got the cash (they aren’t cheap), you’ve found one right here. Acon Air is a very quality made, premium, if a bit subdued, trampoline that will serve you well for years to come.

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Do you know that rectangular trampolines are used for all trampoline-related disciplines in the Olympics?!

Acon Air Rectangular Trampoline
Acon Air Rectangular Trampoline
Our grade: Fantastic
If you’re in the market for a rectangle trampoline, you might seriously want to consider this model as ACON rectangle trampoline is currently considered one of the best rated trampolines of all times.
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140 springs

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No weight limit

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