Exacme “Luxury Fibre pole”


A dash of luxury at an affordable price point? Yes, it does seem possible with Exacme’s 15’ Luxury trampoline. As a manufacturer of best-buy trampolines, Exacme stuck to the script and got us a nice quality trampoline that won’t break the bank.

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15ft Enclosed Trampoline – with Ladder & Basketball Hoop

Is It Right for Me?

The trampoline is ideal for first-time buyers who would like to enjoy a safe trampoline that is also fun to use. It won’t suit the expert users, but this unit will be ideal for pretty much all families. If you have a smaller yard, consider a smaller ExacMe 14 ft. or 12 ft. trampoline.

There’s a 400 lbs. weight limit, so the trampoline is good for adults and kids alike. Remember – trampolines aren’t just toys for kids, especially the large ones such as this one.

How Safe Is It?

As we said above, the weight limit is fantastic thanks to a sturdy and safe frame. The mat will do the trick, made of PVC and PE material.

The enclosure is truly premium and we liked it the most. You will too. It’s a great step upwards from most trampolines. The poles that hold the netting are made of flexible fiberglass instead of steel tubing. Not only does it look nice, but the safety net is thus better stretched to protect you.

Even if you hit a pole, you’ll be safe since the poles flex and come covered with ample foam.

Is It Fun?

Very much so. We had a hard time getting off it – its bounce is just sooo good! There are 108 springs that keep you up in the air for very long – and it’s so huge that you can do various tricks on it. Each spring is 7 inches long. The longer, the better. This is perfectly adequate for this price range. Especially when you consider the fact that you get ladder nad basketball hoop free of charge!

exacme 15ft round trampoline luxury poles addonsrHow Practical Is It?

You’ll get it shipped in three large boxes, but don’t let that throw you off. It’s quite intuitive and doable with help of informative instructions. You also won’t have to stop by the hardware store, as all the necessary tools are included in the package. Of course, it’s easier with pro grade tools, but these will do fine.

Now, for the size. 15 feet is not small, so make sure you have ample space in the yard. And once you fit it, it will be the focal point of your yard. We didn’t mind, even though it’s a classic design, it looks refined enough – for the price, of course.

What about the Warranty?

The warranty isn’t the most flattering part of the trampoline, we must admit. There’s a 30-day return policy and a total 90 days warranty period. It applies to all parts but the frame, which is covered for a whole year. We are certain the parts won’t fail even after the warranty expires, but we’d like to see it longer still.

Exacme “Luxury Fibre pole”
Exacme “Luxury Fibre pole”
Our grade: Nicely done!
This is a great trampoline that won’t cost you too much, but packs a punch when it comes to sleek looks and pure fun. It’s a lot of bang for the buck and you’ll simply have to see that for yourself!
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108 springs

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Weight limit

400 lbs (180kg)

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