Giantex Trampoline Combo

Includes Safety Enclosure & Ladder

We already had some experience with Giantex and the trampolines proved to be reliable and affordable. Is this 12FT trampoline a match for the rest? 

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While it sports classic blue looks, it’s not an ugly duckling. There are nice black and yellow accents that liven it up a little, but you wouldn’t buy it for its looks alone. The padded enclosure is 180 cm high (71 in). It’s a good net with a zipper for entry and exit. The ladder is complimentary, and quite useful. 

The trampoline meets all the minimum requirements, and then some: there are 72 springs 5.75 inches in length on offer – not a small feat for a 12ft trampoline, and the bounce doesn’t disappoint. The Polypropylene mat won’t take away your breath, but you won’t be shopping for a replacement soon either. 

The frame is rated for holding 330 lbs., although we’d be more conservative. The steel tubing is galvanized, but there are only four legs so it can shake if the limit is approached. It is quite light so it’s by no means stormproof. Buy some stakes to secure it to the ground. Conversely, it’s easy to move around so it could be a plus too. 

The padding is however too light and cheap. The manual leaves a lot to be desired with its nondescript pictograms and the spring tool is flimsy, so take a few hours to do it well. It arrives in three boxes so prepare yourself. There have been reports of squeaky units, so some lubrication could be in order as well. 

Overall, this is a no-frills trampoline that doesn’t aim to impress, but to provide good, clean fun. Think a trampoline version of the Model T.

Our Verdict: Good