Giantex Trampoline

Giantex 15ft round trampoline

Weight limit: 375 lbs.

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As opposed to the more expensive upscale trampolines on the market, Giantex tries to compete not on looks or refinement, but on great value. A relatively unknown company, their hopes are high. But is it worth your while?

Generally, yes, but with a few caveats. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To start with, this is a substantial, 15 ft. trampoline, which is amazing on its own, bland design notwithstanding. There are five legs keeping it upright. The trampoline is 90 cm high, but you get a free ladder to ease entry and exit.

The enclosure and the netting is basic. The poles are adequately covered with foam, but the netting goes outside the mat. This means that the pads have to work harder to absorb the eventual impact. But this is usual in this price range and still fairly safe.

The mat is standard-issue, nothing fancy but it does the job fine and will do well with normal use. The pads are made of composite materials – PVC on the outside and expanded polyethylene filling on the inside. While we’ve seen better and thicker pads, our impacts on the pad went well and the pad absorbed the forces just fine.

Hidden below the pad are 90 springs responsible for the fun with the trampoline. This is not a bad number and will suit undemanding users well. The bounce is not as responsive as in the more expensive and premium models, but it is to be expected. At least that reduces the risk of injury and is safer for kids. The weight limit of 375 lbs. looks impressive on paper, but we wouldn’t bet on it, to be honest, as only a bit more expensive models do really offer that kind of limit.

The assembly isn’t difficult but does require some handiwork, while the warranty situation is murky. Best to keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.

This basic trampoline will satisfy the needs of most families who use a trampoline occasionally, but would still like a nicely-sized trampoline. While there is nothing particularly exciting about this trampoline, the most important thing to take away is that nothing’s done bad, and that is most important in this price range. It’s cheaper than Exacme 15ft round trampoline and arguably even more of a best-buy!