JumpKing 6 Legs Trampoline

6 legs = More stability

Shape: Round
Size: 14ft
Weight limit: 200 lbs

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On offer from JumpKing is another 14ft mid-range round trampoline of good quality that should appeal to the masses. (It’s also available in a 15ft. model). The first thing that makes it stand out from droves of blue trampolines is its dark green color, of both the mat and the pads.

The enclosure poles are black, though, as the foam cover isn’t painted green. The netting is standard black and it’s sewn onto the mat for extra safety. The mat is adequate; the bounce is uniform and the trampoline is responsive. 84 springs isn’t the most we’ve seen, but it’s a good number and with length of 7 inches they won’t leave you hanging. Thanks to the patented “Over and under equalization spring system”, the bounce feels nicer than in the cheaper trampolines.

Stability is provided by 6 U-shaped legs that are sturdy enough for everyday use. All metal parts are galvanized (as in most trampolines) and we don’t think you’ll see rust on this one any time soon. There are no extra ladders or any accessories added. The enclosure netting zips up safely and can be secured with a buckle. The warranty is basic, a year on the frame, 6 months on the pad and 90 days on other parts. The warranty claims are processed by fax or email (keep your proof of purchase).

The trampoline is not too expensive for what’s on offer and it’s a step up from the basic bargain trampolines. However, a huge letdown is its low declared weight limit of 200 lbs., so have it in mind if versatility is what you crave. It feels and looks strong enough (and your reviewer exceeds the weight limit by a hefty margin), but we cannot advise you in good faith to exceed the limit. If it doesn’t bother you and you’ll have kids bouncing on this, it’s a very good choice.