Kinetic Trampoline with Enclosure

Size: 14ft

Weight limit: 275 lbs

Recommended for: Kids 8 – 14


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Kinetic Trampolines 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure

If you’re in the market for a basic trampoline that won’t leave you paralyzed in fear every time your kid goes to bounce on it, we might have something for you. This trampoline certainly won’t break the bank, but it won’t make you die of worry.

To begin with, the trampoline is kept upright with the help of 6 U-shaped legs (more than in some other budget trampolines) and the enclosure poles are well-shaped, if a bit odd. They are covered with foam, though and the netting is sewn onto the mat. The pad is lackluster, unfortunately, since the manufacturer feels the net is enough… it usually is, but it would have been nice to have an extra layer of security.

You get a standard-issue mat and 72 springs – nothing unusual, and the bounce is the nothing impressive. It works, though, and your kids won’t mind. The 275 lbs. weight rating makes this trampoline very versatile, as even adults can bounce on them (one at a time, it goes without saying).

Some issues were reported with bad shipping practices; i.e. beat-up boxes, missing parts and of course, lackluster instructions. But they are serviceable and the missing parts can be replaced. Set away a couple of hours for installation and arm yourself with patience (and tools, of course).

All said, this is a better trampoline than the cheapo supermarket models and we recommend it if you’re looking for something absolutely basic that you’ll use occasionally, if you don’t mind tinkering a bit when setting it up.

Convenience has a price, and the pre-assembled trampolines cost a lot of extra dough. Basically, this is an acceptable trampoline with adequate safety. Bear in mind that it’s a 14 ft. trampoline, so that’s extra value. Consider such trampolines a minimum that we can safely recommend.