New Clevr Trampoline

Affordable but good! Can you ask for more?

Shape: Round
Size: 12ft
Weight limit: 330 lbs

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This interesting trampoline from a relatively unknown manufacturer, Clevr, set out to impress with its lovely rainbow-colored pads and sleek blue enclosure poles. Obviously, this trampoline looks to appeal to the younger audience.

While we were smitten with the interesting looks and charm of the trampoline, we weren’t in the seventh heaven for so long. And to expect any different would be foolish; it doesn’t try to hide the fact that it’s a quirky budget 12 ft. trampoline, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Luckily, nothing’s done particularly bad. The zippered enclosure is standard and simply works (there are no extra buckles). The enclosure poles should have been set so that they point away from the trampoline, especially for a kids trampoline.

The bounce is fair, with 72 springs and 330 lbs. of maximum weight (looks a tad too optimistic, if you ask us). The trampoline won’t catapult you into the sky, which is actually a plus when it comes to safety. The foam in the pad is rather thick, so it’s not all just for show.

You also get a ladder with the trampoline, and the assembly doesn’t require any extra tools.

We have to admit that this is among the quirkiest trampolines we have seen recently. Its charming design appeals to the children, while the price will make their parents smile. This is one of the most affordable trampolines on the list, and taking that into account, this represents a good best-buy option. That is, if you are okay with 12ft. size and don’t want anything larger.