Skybound Stratos

The Skybound Stratos is a kind of trampoline you would purchase once in your lifetime. It’s a significant upfront investment, which is to be expected for such a high-end offering. However, the higher price compared with, for example, Skybound’s own Cirrus must come with adequate improvements. It wasn’t an easy task, considering how happy we were with the Cirrus.

Weight limit: 330 lbs.

Size: 15ft





Skybound Stratos
Skybound Stratos

SkyBound Stratos Features and Specs

First of all, the design.
The design with curved poles looks futuristic, and yellow design elements provide uplifting contrast to the black mat and poles. The number of poles is stunning – 12 in total, double the number seen in most other trampoline. It doesn’t only look luxurious, but also contributes to the safety of the trampoline. The net can be uniformly taut around the trampoline, which makes it more difficult to damage the netting.

Furthermore, the netting attaches directly to the V-rings that connect the springs to the mat, ensuring that the springs stay outside the jumping surface. This shows a huge commitment to safety by Skybound. Nice.

The enclosure poles are covered with PVC material and foam. Both the poles, the mat and the pad feature UV-resistant materials, so they can be left outside with no noticeable deterioration. Six W-shaped legs keep the trampoline stable and prevent it from flipping over. We aren’t that sure about strong winds, though. Overall, the trampoline is rather tall, at 86 inches (more than 2.5 metres).

But the safety is not the only impressive thing about this trampoline. The impressively long springs (8.5 inches) provide a high, but well-cushioned bounce. Truly something that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s not only the length (eh), it’s the number as well – 108 in total, well above the customary 72 seen in most trampolines. The padding is 0.75 inches (about 1.9 cm) thick.

All these springs and structural rigidity means the trampoline is good for loads of up to 330 lbs., which is not the best we’ve seen, but surely enough for everyday use. This is a major improvement over the Skybound Cirrus.

The trampoline is easy to set up, even though it’s large. The netting attaches to the poles with Velcro straps and the assembly of the frame features push-pins, without the need for tightening bolts, nuts or screws. We could do it in two hours, comfortably at that, thanks both to the clear design and excellent instructions.

The warranty is comprehensive, with 10 years on the frame, 2 years on the mat and a year on the springs and the netting. The pads are given short shrift at 6 months warranty.

The Stratos also comes in 12 and 14 ft. versions. They are only marginally cheaper than the largest model, so if you’re getting one, get this (unless your yard is too small). While it’s among the more expensive trampolines, it’s well worth the price. We can lament the fact that you don’t get much accessories, but everything about this trampoline that you do get just oozes quality. Recommended! 


  • Safety
  • Overall quality
  • Great bounce


  • Skimping on accessories



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