Skywalker Trampoline Sports Arena

Weight limit: 200 lbs.

Shape: Round

Size: 15ft

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Skywalker Trampolines 15ft  Trampoline Sports Arena

This is an another 15’ trampoline that packs a punch when it comes to value. Made by a reputable company Skywalker, we were eager to test it out, especially when we saw the really modest price tag.

This is a markedly different product from their 14 ft. round model. It has got a lot of goodies you only see on more expensive trampolines. The enclosure netting keeps you safe from contact with the springs, and the foam-covered poles are nicely curved away from the jumping surface (the so-called no-gap enclosure system).

While the legs are your standard, boring U-shaped style, fairly generic, we were quite impressed with reinforced T-joints that kept the trampoline firmly in place. It doesn’t twist or whine when you bounce. There’s no unpleasant feeling like it could come apart at any time. The steel used is also powder-coated and rust-resistant, so you’re safe leaving it outside. It’s very durable. Good job Skywalker!

96 springs, each 6.5 in long provide a solid bounce, and together with the sturdy frame it won’t disappoint you. The polyethylene mat is UV-resistant and anti-slip.

But where the great value of this trampoline shows are the add-ons, and there is plenty. You get a nice backboard – with a ball included – for basketball games. Included in the package is the football game, which is easy to set up and loads of fun. The hoop is soft and dunking is very safe, even for

kids. The football game is good for target practice or even competitive play. It will keep your kids occupied for a long time, and it’s certainly more fun than just getting the vanilla trampolines.

All assembly tools are included, and this includes the spring hook too. The manual is clear and easy to follow. Of note is the comparatively good warranty of 1 year on the frame and 90 days on other parts. You really can’t ask for more in this price range.

Sadly, what would be an almost excellent trampoline is marred by the weight limit. Our gripe is the low weight capacity of only 200 lbs. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so we don’t recommend you exceed the limit. In other words, we’d limit this to kids and lithe adults only. Overall, a good buy if you need a children’s trampoline with lots of add-ons manufactured by a reputable company.