Zupapa 15ft Trampoline

Zupapa trampoline is one of the trampolines that really surprised us. We expected just a regular average quality trampoline. But all I can say – we were wrong!

Trampoline itself has already included all additional parts and accessories you might need, from enclosure, padding spring tool to ladder so price you see here is total for huge enjoyment.
Downsides of this trampoline is that quality of the enclosure is not so great, but if you take care (cover it with trampoline tent) it should be fine for several years. As enclosures can be purchased separately you should not have any problems if you buy this trampoline.

Shape: Round
Size: 15ft
Weight limit: 375 lbs

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Zupapa is a fairly uknown trampoline brand that tries to position itself as a maker of good, best-buy trampolines that are very safe. That’s rather ambitious, but let’s not discount them from the get-go.

Compliance with all regulatory safety ordnances is very prominently displayed (the German TÜV, for example), which should assure you of its safety.

We liked that the enclosure is rather high, and that the pads were pleasantly thick (3.3 centimeters). This is above average. The metal frame is galvanized and we liked how sturdy the legs looked, as they are coupled with the net poles for extra stability. This is something other trampolines could also make use of.

For a 15 ft. trampoline, 108 springs that are each 7 inches long is a very good number, and it shows when you bounce. It’s much smoother and more enjoyable, and the trampoline doesn’t twist when you jump, thanks to the good design of the legs. The mat is UV-resistant, but fairly basic otherwise. You get a ladder for getting on and off the trampoline. It’s a full length ladder.

The good part is the high weight limit of 375 lbs. We think this is mainly due to reinforced legs, but what matters is that it’s likely true. The warranty is also very respectable. You get 6 months on the pad and the enclosure, 1 year on the mat and 3 years on the frame and poles. The spare parts are readily available from the manufacturer and the prices aren’t exorbitant. So when the time comes to replace the springs, at least you know where to find them.

This trampoline won’t blow your away; it’s not too exciting, but it provides a nice package at a good price point. Its safety features are good and the overall construction much better than in some other basic trampolines. It’s sturdy and gets the job done.

If you’re looking for a no-frills 15 ft. trampoline, this best-buy model is the one to consider.