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The 8×13 ft. springless oval trampoline is the cream of the crop in many ways – both technological and aesthetic. The first thing you’ll notice on this trampoline is its sleek look with its curved lines – and the fact that there are no springs!

Expensive? Yes. Worth if it? Definitely.

Shape: Oval
Size: 8x13ft
Weight limit: 250 lbs


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Springfree Springless Large Oval Features


The frame itself is very sturdy and expertly rustproofed. It can handle structural load of enormous 1100 lbs, which is more than 500 kg. Double layer of powder coating on pregalvanized steel ensures that rust will never appear on this trampoline. We guarantee that even after several years not just the frame, but complete trampoline will look just as same as new one.


Without standard steel springs, there is great looking 60 composite rods. As you might think why would anyone use fiberglass on trampolines, well, there is perfect reason to do so. Not only it looks cool, it greatly reduces chances of injury (as much as 35%, according to research about injuries involving frame or springs). Yes, the trampoline works with the help of fiberglass rods provides a safer and more consistent bounce. The beautiful part about these rods is that they are situated completely under the mat. There is no need for any pads to protect the jumper, as it’s simply impossible to land on them and this lets the net be as close as possible to the edge of the mat, which makes the trampoline even safer. Springfree Inc calls this the SoftEdge technology. On the negative side, it does drastically increases price of trampoline. And is it worth of it? Answer is pretty much clear, just ask yourself how much is your child safety worth.

When it comes to quality of rods, you can expect that they will hold at least 5-6 years, after that around 20% will need to be replaced. Have in mind that if you need to replace the rod sleeves, its nearly impossible to do yourself, so you would need their service to do it.


The mat is made of polypropylene, and there is 92 sq. ft. (8.5 m2) of jumping space, which  equivalent 10 x 15ft oval trampoline with springs.  It is very shock absorbent and bouncing on it is really pleasant. Regarding bounce, we have nothing bad to say as it is close to being best among recreational trampolines, but still not so high as with mid-class rectangle trampolines, such as ACON Air 16 Sports HD or AlleyOOP PowerBounce.

The enclosure, however, is a marvel to behold. The poles aren’t hard at all – in fact, they’re made of a very light, flexible material that bends as you go. In practice, this means no impact with the frame and poles is possible, as the poles are curved away from the jumping surface.

springfree large oval O92 mat size


Assembly of this trampoline is time consuming process for which you need at least three hours (declaration says 8, but this is probably only a case when one person, without any help, tries to assemble this trampoline), but pretty straight-forward when you stick to manual, with only one flaw – step 7, which explains how to install rods, and is a bit strange, if not impossible. Manual says to install rods on one side and then on alternating side, but if you follow this you will have huge problems pulling mat on other side. Anyway, first put in 6 rods as shown in the instruction manual and then go around skipping 6-7 holes. Doing it like this you will get trampoline mat evenly positioned and easily connected to all rods. Because of that we would recommend other option – to follow a complete video tutorial, you just need to scan the QR code on the box and you’re taken to a video where a Springfree professional guides you along the assembly process.


The warranty package is great, that is, if you register your trampoline online. Once registered, you get 8 years on the frame and 2 years on the rest. Not too shabby. Additional Accessories You Get (comes wit the package)

Included in package (accessories free of charge)

  • Flexrstep ladder

Springfree makes its trampolines a bit higher off of the ground to accommodate more powerful bounces, so a ladder is handy, even if you don’t think you need it.

  • Flexrstep basketball hoop

Because of the 250 lbs (115kg) weight limit, you can get full-fledged dunk contests going.

Full review of Springfree Large Oval

Springfree Springless Large Oval
Springfree Springless Large Oval
Our grade: Fantastic
Well, there’s hardly a safer trampoline on the market. Plus, it’s oval and there’s not many of those on the market. Springfree trampolines are in general one of the best-quality trampolines on the market, and it shows in this case too. They will cost you, and this one is no exception. But if you can afford it – go for it.
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Spring type


Spring count

60 rods

Weight limit

250 lbs (115kg)