BouncePro 15ft Square Trampoline

The world of perfectly square trampoline is a barren world and buyers often don’t have much choice. So any trampoline is welcome, and in this case the BouncePro isn’t a bad choice at all.

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BouncePro 15ft Square Trampoline Features and Specs

Is This for Me?

Sort of. Round trampolines are usually cheaper, but square and rectangle trampolines fit better in most back yards. Plus, square trampolines have a better bounce and you get more jumping surface. If you’re prepared to pay a premium and dislike round trampolines, consider this as an option.

The Looks

The trampoline is a looker. First of all due to its unusual shape and second thanks to its cyan color that’s really pleasing to the eye. You’ll certainly get positive comments on its unusual shape from your non-trampolining friends.

All metal parts are galvanized to prevent ugly looking rust, but more importantly, to ensure the steel won’t weaken and become a safety hazard.

The Fun

There’s a lot of fun to be had here. The 104 springs are fantastic in tandem with the square shape. You’ll experience a staggered bounce that’s smooth and cushioned. It’s not for expert gymnasts, but regular Joes will find it more than pleasing. You’ll notice it behaves differently than a round trampoline, but take care when bouncing, as there isn’t a tendency to pull you towards the safe middle.

What about Safety?

The trampoline is quite safe. The bounce isn’t as high and it’s great on the joints. The SteelFlex enclosure keeps the net in its place (see the curved poles above the netting). It’s rated for ages 6 and up.

The Weaknesses

The 220 lbs. weight limit isn’t much. It’s adequate for a single adult, but it’s a sign that it can’t bear that much. The warranty is also weak: The customer service is difficult to contact and the warranty period is only 90 days. That’s a major ding for such a trampoline.

You also don’t get any extras like ladders. Bear it in mind since kids could have a hard time getting on and off the trampoline. It’s quite high off the ground.

Are There Any Installation Woes?

No. The setup is quite easy and can be done in two to three hours, despite the two HUGE boxes it comes in. Spare parts are also available at various retailers, so maintenance, while pricey, is doable. Many trampolines are hard to fix when they break since there are no spare parts – this one is a welcome exception.

Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for value, you won’t find it here. Round trampolines are a simply better bang for your buck. If you MUST buy a square trampoline, you can find much better ones but not for this price. But that speaks more about the dearth of square trampolines than the quality of this unit. Still, it’s at least average in quality and shouldn’t let you down like the bargain bin trampolines from the big box stores.

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